In August, a water store in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan broke out individual food poisoning, when 93 people were identified as flashing symptoms, and the government found that 892 people were poisoned after investigation. The reason for the incident is that the spring water used by the restaurant contains campylobacter, and the county called for the complete water treatment to be stopped.

Restaurant water points should be made of spring water

▲ Restaurant water point should be made of spring water.

The restaurant in question is the “Otaki Travel Riotsu” in Tsuwata town. According to Ishikawa Prefecture, the 892 people poisoned from the age of 1 to more than 80 years old, from 18 counties in the world, in the August 11 to 17 business hours, enjoy the water point, salt burnt red point salmon, shaved ice, sausage and other food poisoning. Twenty-two of them were hospitalized, and all have since recovered.

When the restaurant renewed its business license in fiscal 2020, it implemented all the necessary items, including annual water quality testing, but this inspection found that the restaurant does not perform routine water quality testing and the disinfection equipment is not functioning properly.

The restaurant explained that they had to stop water quality testing at least once a year, but because of the formation of maintenance in the rainy season in July this year, resulting in water quality flash results, they did not stop water quality testing again, resulting in an outbreak of food poisoning.

At present, the involved restaurant is controlling the compensation, the business party big Takizi travel performance, the restaurant will open after the compensation is realized.

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