Since 2006, the 74-year-old Japanese well-known village Haruki, who has been speculated by the outside world to be expected to win the Nobel Prize for literature punishment, is still unable to pick the crown this year, calculating that it has been “with the list” for 18 years, and once again let “village fans” feel frustrated and regret.

The village of Haruki once again lost Nobel literature punishment. Associated Press

▲ Village Haruki once again lost Nobel literary punishment. Associated Press

The Swedish Academy announced today that the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to Norwegian playwright and novelist Jon Fosse. Japanese artists Kawabata Yasunari and Oe Kenzaburo were awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968 and 1994 respectively. In addition, Japanese British entrepreneur Kazuo Ishiguro also won the 2017 Nobel Prize for literature punishment. Murakami Haruki once again failed to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature punishment this year, temporarily failing to become the third Japanese artist to be punished in history.

The Norwegian entrepreneur Joel Calamity has been awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize for Literature. (Nobel Prize@facebook)

Norwegian writer Johann Calamity has been awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize for Literature. (Nobel Prize@facebook)

Junkyo quoted Japan’s Yomiuri TV as saying that every year when the Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded, the fans of the village will spread to an Italian restaurant in the Junkyo district of Kobe City, Japan, to wait for the moment of the award. This restaurant because the village on the Haruki reality visited, and in the village on the Haruki do the exit, for many years to the village on the fan is familiar.

When I learned that this year’s winner was not Haruki, I said, “It is almost time for the great Japanese writer to be punished.”

The daily Synecdoche reported that the students of Haruki’s primary school in the village and the teachers of this primary school observed the awarding of punishments together at the primary school in Nishimiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, this evening, and then were once again disappointed at the moment when the punishment was announced.

Village on the spring tree: can only wait for next year

The sixth-grade classmates of Haruki Elementary School in the village, 74-year-old Noi Ji O and 74-year-old Uchihori Jundo, have no way but to wait for next year.

Heung Tin Garden Primary School from about 10 years ago, once the village on the spring tree was punished ready to hang in the school wish strips, although this year inadvertently put the cloth and did not go, but the village on the spring tree is still not punished, the school staff side road “wait for next year”, put the wish strips back to the original shelf.

Murakami Haruki was born in Kyoto, Japan, in 1949, after finishing school at Waseda University, in 1979 to do “Listen to the Song of the wind” in the literary world, and then did not edition many popular products that were punished. Japan Shelving Association (NHK) has reported that Haruki in the village will be hidden to the world height waiting, there are two main reasons.

Village Haruki exchanges with readers in Paris.

▲ Village Haruki exchanges with readers in Paris.

First, the village on the Haruki is a modern Japanese home, do products widely spread the world readers tired of doing home. His work has been translated into more than 50 kinds of words, is the global readers are waiting to push no new work maker.

Second, Haruki in the village has been punished by many domestic sex literature, such as Frank in Ireland in 2006. Frank O’Connor’s domestic short story Punishment, and the Kafka prize, published in the Czech Republic in the same year.

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